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Sean Stubblefield

Sean Stubblefield
1804 16th Ave Apt B
Lewiston ID 83501

Phone: (208)791-5276


I have worked in restaurants since september of 2002 I started out as a dish washer and prep cook at bamboo gardens in Clarkston WA worked there till 2006 I left there as a line cook going to mandarin pine restaurant for a cook position I worked my way up to head cook/manager I waited tables, ran the kitchen, made drinks for tables, and just made sure everything was in working order. I left there due to remodeling of the restaurant in may of 2010 and worked for quick delivery services it is a driving job I can't give any discriptions of what I delivered do to contract purposes. I broke my fibula and tibula on December 10 2011 and they did not keep my position vacant due to my surgery and time I had to take off to recover. so when i went back to work i worked at Mandarin Pine again as a bartender. I also was bartending at Boomers Sports Cellar i worked all the busy concerts also. I left Mandarin Pine again because i got a job at ATK and i worked at Atk and Boomers Sports Cellar and ATK at the same time I recently moved to a weekend shift at ATK so i could not work at Boomers  because no open positions during the week. I am in a permenant position at ATK now. I can do anything I put my mind to I am a very motivated person.   


Charles Francis Adams High School Clarkston WA class of 2004


I worked for resaurants since September of 2002 I have lots of experience working as a cook, waiter, bartender and manager I can do it all. I have also worked for a delivery company loading and unloading heavy loads and being on time places while staying very busy. I can do anything I set my mind to. I have also been working at ATK since June of 2012 i have been promoted there three times since i started i work there friday saturday amd sunday 5pm to 5am


Certificate - Click to view  Advanced Wine Knowledge:  Date: 01-15-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Liquor Knowledge:  Date: 01-16-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Club Drugs:  Date: 01-16-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Table Service / Hospitality Course:  Date: 01-16-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Food Safety For Handlers:  Date: 01-16-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Gratuity Secrets:  Date: 01-17-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Responsible ServingĀ® of Alcohol:  Date: 01-18-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Bartender Mixology:  Date: 01-18-2012  
Certificate - Click to view  Food Safety for Handlers:  Date: 10-27-2015