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Bartender Resume (Online)

Bartender Resume (Online)
The online resume tool allows you to compose a professional bartending resume online including your name, contact information, education, background, skills, references, etc.  The online resume will also have links to your certificates so potential employers can see that you have taken the necessary steps to become a professional bartender.

You will be able to login and start editing your online resume immediately and you can update it at any time.  There is also some helpful information provided to help you write the best looking resume you can.  Your online bartending resume will even stay online for up to a year!

Your web address to your online bartending resume will appear like this example: ( http://www.GetBartenders.com/bartenders/yourname )

You can include your web address on your printed resumes as well!

Going to a job interview with a professional resume and an online version of your resume that shows your certificates is a surefire way to stand above other bartending-job applicants!